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We provide a simple solution for sharing your photos across different android devices.



Add your photos to your gallery and
share it with your friends.


Browse through the gallery with
a simple 2 finger swipe gesture.

Zoom & Move

Zoom & move your shared photos with
simple gestures on each device.


Join a group of mobile devices with
a simple touch gesture & create a
big screen with all connected devices.

About Us

Christian Hofer
Mobile Development

Jakob Grabner
Mobile Development

Lana Lutz
UI Design

Doris Zachhuber
Project Management

Clemens Holzmann
Project Management

GrouPix was developed in the course of a cooperation project between the Research Group Mobile Interactive Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Hagenberg and NTS New Technology Systems GmbH. Our goal was to develop an app which gives you the ability to enjoy your favorite pictures with your friends on a big screen no matter where you are.
You are very welcome to leave feedback or ideas for improvements.

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